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Laparoscopic Surgery – What is it and its Advantage over the Traditional Operation

Various surgical methods today actually have revolutionized over time and they are also safer and better that helps patients a lot. Laparoscopic surgery would be one of it and it is also known as minimally invasive surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is also a specialized technique that’s used to perform surgery. Before, this kind of technique was used commonly for gynecologic surgery and for gallbladder surgeries. The technique however had been used for more than a decade and this has expanded even to intestinal surgery. In the traditional open surgeries, the surgeon will use a single incision in order to enter into the abdomen.

At the start of the procedure, the abdomen will be inflated with carbon dioxide gas in order to give a good viewing and working space for the surgeon. The laparoscope will be the one to transmit images coming from the abdominal cavity to the video monitors in the operating room. During the time of the operation, the surgeon will watch detailed images of the abdomen on the monitor. This kind of system will be able to allow the surgeon in performing the same kind of operations but only with smaller incisions.

In particular situations, the surgeon may choose to use a special type of port with the right size of inserting a hand. When a hand port is used, the surgical techniques are called the hand-assisted laparoscopy. The incision that’s needed for the hand port is larger compared to the laparoscopic incisions, but it is smaller than the incision needed compared to the traditional surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is also safer than the traditional open surgery option. During the start of the operation, the surgeon will first do an inspection of the abdomen in order to determine if laparoscopic surgery could be performed safely. When there’s a large amount of inflammation or perhaps the surgeon found some other factors that would prevent them from getting a clearer view of the structures, the surgeon may actually need to make larger incisions so that they could complete the operation in a safe manner.

Laparoscopic surgery is actually being performed for the operations of the abdomen to about 12 inches long of cuts. This is the reason why it is called sometimes as the keyhole surgery. As has been stated, this surgery uses a slender-shaped tool that comes with a tiny video camera and also a light on its tip. With only small incisions, the surgeon will insert various instruments which include the laparoscope through the abdominal wall, and will do the surgery while they are able to see it through their monitors. It is able to have lesser pain, less cutting necessary on the skin and tissue, and much fewer wound complications. The patient also will have a much faster recovery.

Any type of intestinal surgery is in fact associated with certain risks like the complications to bleeding, anesthesia, or perhaps complications on infections.the risk of the operation will be determined through the kind of operation to be implemented. Also, the overall health and medical conditions are factors of which may affect the risk of the operation. This is the reason why discussing it to the surgical clinics will help avoid the risk of the operation.

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